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Post by Katlyn & Rocksight on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:42 pm

Well, welcome! So, I have a quick thing to say, If you know me from WCO, I'm Rosie & Snow or what ever I change it to! As in, never gonna change it!

So, who want's rules! ME DUH!
[center][b]Site Rules[/b][/center]
1. NO Swear words! I only allow SOME! Acceptable words may be Hell or Damn, but nothing else. This is for kids of any age!
2. Nothing that is adult content, you will be banned straight away!
3. You may not say your age, where you live, ECT. It's gonna be a warning.
4. If you call someone a name or anything else, Warning.
5. NO Back takling to any High Rank Member of the site!
6. 3 Warnings = Punishment.
7. You may not post anything about leaving. State it on your profile. Nothing used with drama is allowed, only in RP.
8. Contests and Major Plots will happen, follow those rules when they come.
9. Oh, you can stalk anything, but no stalking closed topics or RPs. Against this rules.
10. NO ONLINE DATING! If I catch you, that's a ban!

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